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Maverick Estate Winery Tasting - June 29

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Get your tasting palette ready for our popular Friday Night Flights series of wine tastings.  Join us every Friday night for an exclusive wine tasting with a variety of the signature wines from some of the Okanagan's best wineries.

DATE:  June 29, 2018
TIME: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
WHERE: Range Lounge & Grill
COST:  $10/person* (+ tax + grats = $12.39)

Located in Oliver, BC - Maverick Estate Winery is committed to a by-hand, Old World approach to winemaking. They are deliberately small in production, deliberately patient in their process because they believe that working in tune with nature is the only way to capture the clean, rich, multi-layered flavors of premium fruit. Maverick Estate wines are gaining a strong following for their consistency, elegance, complexity and balance.