Mother's Day Takeout Lunch - May 9
Predator Ridge Resort

Mother's Day Takeout Lunch - May 9

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Take Mom on a picnic or bring her a beautiful prepared lunch from our team of chef's at Range Lounge & Grill.

DATE: Sunday, May 9, 2021
TIME: Pickups beginning at 11:45am.  Ending at 12:45pm
WHERE: Range Lounge & Grill
COST: $45/person + tax + grats = $55.76/person

Advanced online ticket purchase is required.   


Grilled Asparagus & Burrata
prosciutto + roasted tomatoes & olive tapenade + herb scone

Lamb Quiche
merlot braised lamb shank + gruyere + spinach + sweet baby peppers

Red Prawn & Quinoa Salad
mango + edamame + radish + arugula + cilantro lime dressing

Stewed Berry Tart
vanilla cashew cream

Mint Chocolate Waffles
chocolate dipped waffles + oreo crumb

    * Tickets are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.  Predator Ridge Homeowner & Member discounts do not apply to special dining events including brunches.