Pasqua Passimento Bianco - Case (12 bottles)
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Pasqua Passimento Bianco - Case (12 bottles)

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Enjoy a case (12 bottles) of this internationally accredited Italian wine. 

Grown in the Valpolicella area of Italy, these Garganega grapes are partially dried, losing 20 to 30% of their weight, before fermentation. The result is a very unique wine full of dried apricot and honey flavours, with a creamy and rich mouthfeel but balanced by the bright acidity. This is crying out for food.

Pasqua Passimento Bianco white wine that, on the nose, reveals intense and decisive aromas, citrus notes and overtones of apricot and peach. On the palate, it is rounded and pleasant, well balanced with an enduring finish.

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